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Inglorious Basterds

In a word: it gives a tasteful sense of freedom. The darkest page of the history here is reworked, changed and rewritten with a almost reversed roles. The "cinema" is the hero, who gives freedom and eliminates the bad.
Tarantino is this and more in his latest film "Inglorious Basterds". A work that shows the American director struggling with a somewhat different "modus operandi" from that to which we are accustomed. Despite the subject and genre, the American director prefers the reason for action, peppered all (maybe too much) to long dialogues and less of a surreal time, leaving in the shadow, blood and action, who are less powerful than past movies. Same things that we can say about the soundtrack, that here is simply comment who underline some scenarios.

The Tarantino "classic" check with a considerable cynical humor, which though struggling with a thorny subject never exceeds the boundaries of good taste and good sense.
Cinema in the Cinema as always. "Inglorious" had a long, endless series of quotations, some strange and other easier to perceive. We start from silent films, passing for spaghetti westerns present in dialogues and music, the Italian cinema in general, to conclude with a tribute to "our" Edwige Fenech thanks to a British soldier, played by Mike Myers, Ed Fenech. Just to name a few.

"Inglorious Basterds" is a movie steeped in an absurd and paradoxical aura, that makes think of videogames "Wolfenstein" and that exchanges in part the role of victims and executioners realizing what for many has always been a dream: a little 'sound of beating the Nazis.
Tarantino paints Nazis almost like you would see in a Nazi-exploitation, powerful rulers, but also idiots, losers and sexual phobic.
As if that were not enough, he put in nazis road a select group of dangerous military who commit the havoc among the German patrols. The group in question is something incredible. A military "Barnum Circus" absurd and comic. One body of people captained by Aldo "Apache" Raine, a Brad Pitt, Nazis scalps fan, witty and comically and in devastating Yankees mode. Then we have Hugo Stieglitz, the Gestapo officers killing, that we know with a kind of trailer that winks at Grindhouse and exploitation. Another notable character is played by director Eli Roth, Donny Donowitz, a man who loves to squash the Nazis with a baseball bat and that becomes a Golem in the German imaginary.
Between patrols Nazi scalps the bastards must make a difficult mission: kill the high command of the Third Reich during the premiere of a film in Paris.
But the mission, another pearl of the film is a narrative piece in this story which also include the thirst for revenge of Shoshanna a young Jewish girl who escaped from the massacre of his family, and later became the owner of the film chosen for the premiere. Another interesting side of this movie is the life of Colonel Hans Landa, educated and multilingual famous for being a skilled hunter of Jews, and a traitor to the regime. A Perfect character good developed palyed by a sensational Christoph Waltz able to put in the shadow the good performance of the more emblazoned Pitt.
Behind the camera, Tarantino gives us the usual beautiful images, sometimes poetic all thanks to the usual flair for detail. His hand looks a bit 'more static than usual but became fast from time to time as the wonderful dialogue in foyer of the cinema, very good thanks the move in perpetual motion.

"Inglorious Basterds" compared to "Inglorious Bastards" by Enzo G. Castellari has the assonance of the title and the atmosphere the French war period. For the rest of the story is different and we can automatically imagine that at the same time the "inglorious bastards" by Castellari were going to blow up a Nazi Train. Another chapter of freedom.