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Army of thieves
Make a prequel of a zombie movie without the zombies. Not a bad idea. Yes, ok, “Army of the dead” was not only a film about the living dead, but also a heist movie with sometimes romantic features. His prequel, however, almost totally excludes monsters to bet everything on a European heist movie focused on the figure of Dieter, played by Matthias Schweighöfer who directs on the screenplay written by Shay Hatten based on an idea, obviously, by Zack Snyder.
Co-star is Nathalie Emmanuel, the unforgettable Missandei from "Games of Thrones". I wanted to say it soon because of my (completely artistic) passion for Nathalie, who here once again demonstrates a certain skill. Ok, ok, I admit it: she is extraordinarily beautiful.
Well, now that I have said that we can move on to the film and our Dieter, the nerd expert in safes we already met in the previous film, here at the centre of a European story, (Germany and Czech Republic the locations and the setting) inspired , definitely to the figure of all those very intelligent, good and polite thieves, who if they have to deal with an ignorant and here a bit comical police, with obvious quotations to other "colleagues" (see "Point Break")
But "Army of Thieves" is not just a heist movie, it is not a zombie movie as already mentioned, but a work that tries to balance the feelings that the protagonist feels towards the head of the gang (and I would like to see ... since è Nathalie Emmanuel) with sprinkles of humour, trying to give us a photograph with landscapes to remember.
An honest attempt, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Because then in the end the speech is always that of a gang of psychologically unstable robbers who try to make the blow of life, overcoming the inevitable internal disputes and various unexpected events. Nothing more.
Dieter is an ordinary banker, rather boring, nerdy to the core, who posts videos on YouTube on techniques for opening safes, which no one watches.
 One day he is invited to a competition of burglars (cunning burglars) he wins and the (beautiful) Gwendoline (Nathalie Emmanuel), a talented jewel thief, recruits him into his gang, which has a particular mission, to open the four safes that the well-known blacksmith Hans Wagner built inspired by his namesake composer. Robberies in ascending order of difficulty, starting with the safe in Paris, then moving on to that of Prague and then St. Moritz. In this path of cunning crime, there is no lack of clashes within the gang that change the plans in progress.
Pleasant, after all, with a direction that emphasizes the action and the many chases. But in the end it remains a useless film, which adds nothing to the history of cinema and which passes without leaving its mark.