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Blood Red Sky
Vampires-zombies on a plane with terrorists. Something that would have made cries any b movies director. Just for this basic idea "Blood Red Sky", it must be seen. An original, crazy and quite stupid idea (in the good sense of the word). But the beauty of this idea is also the only reason to see this film by Peter Thorwharth, because the rest, after a sprint start, gets lost in a series of situations that in addition to being a classic for the genre are not very compelling and not they add anything to the development of the story. Thorwharth tries hard to give us fight scenes, blood and even heart situations, but in the end the impression is that he clings to these things to try to keep up a film that gets lost over time.
The story tells of Nadja (Peri Baumeister) who suffers from an unspecified blood disease that she treats with transfusions from a doctor who lives far away, so much so that she has to take the plane to reach him. And it is during one of these flights that she and her son Elias (Carl Anton Koch), the true hero of the film, come across a group of Islamic terrorists. Terrorists, it must be said, extremely bloodthirsty, and ready to kill on the spot. And they kill Nadja. The woman, however, is resurrected as a vampire and begins to fight the bad guys, turning them into vampires. Elias worried about his mother's fate, here the heart aspect I mentioned at the beginning, is at the centre of the story showing certain coolness.
A bit of Islamophobia sprouting here and there, for a film that does not keep the interesting promises of its beginning. And above all of the title.