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Money Heist
No twists were expected that would overturn situations and roles, at least as far as I'm concerned, and in fact “Money Heist” closes its lucky (and overrated) story with another five episodes that follow the line of the first part of the season. Neither more nor less.
Always with the desire not to disappoint the fan base, Pina inserts action, romantic plots (which unravel), twists and turns, paradoxical changes and above all a flood of flash backs made, with all evidence, to reach the playing time. Or lengthen the broth if you prefer.
In short, it changes little, even if, as already mentioned, over the years that popular aspect linked to the gang has been lost, now more attentive to their own interests than to those of the people. Curious huh? The same thing is happening with a well-known party here in Italy.
Apart from this, we find the gang that no longer uses the Dali mask, still in the Bank of Spain intent on trying to steal gold and above all to escape from there. But it is not easy, it could not be, with the fascist group still active that brings them to their knees, external betrayals and the usual force of reaction (and intelligence) of the professor.
The cinematic references of the series are always the same, but perhaps they embrace even more than in the recent past the whole trend of amiable thieves and scammers.
It's all picaresque says Lisbon and certainly these series have been from the beginning, with its exaggerations, follies and various nonsense that have led to success.
Will you miss it? Don't worry, there is already talk of a spin-off on Berlin and someone would also like a series on Alicia Sierra.