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Another bold Korean shot that will perhaps surprise those who have lost a lot of years of visual arts. From there, it is known, for a long time they have loved to amaze, to go further. And so, after the success of "Squid Game" comes "Hellbound" which perhaps also thanks to the tow of the Hwang Dong-hyuk series or thanks to the attention that the audience has at the moment towards South Korea, has obtained a good success, despite being a darker and more horror series.
Behind Hellbound we find Yeon Sang-ho ("Train to Busan" and "Peninsula") who takes us to a series based on a disturbing webtoon, manga that can be read online (genre I just discovered), by Choi Gyuseok and Yeon Sangho.
A manga structure that the director fully respects, concentrating everything without wasting time in just six episodes of about an hour.
“Hellbound” behind its horror structure, hides a series of criticisms that are generally more international than the (excellent) but more local ones of “Squid Game”. Fanaticism, religion, the media and a caste of people above others.
The central element is fire, which, as Saint Augustine said, "purifies", which arrives here due to three monsters made of ashes that appear and pulverize poor unfortunates who received a sentence days or years earlier.
The phenomenon for a charismatic young man named Jeong Jin-soo would be the work of God who, through these angels, wants to redeem sinners. The same young man founds a new religion "New Truth Society" which soon gathers fanatical adepts who through a parallel organization the "Arrowheads" commits violence against unbelievers. At the same time, the media are also ready to take advantage of the event of these performances, broadcasting the live broadcasts complete with a live audience.
However, a group of people begin to doubt the divine provenance of these "angels" and of course the goodness of the "New Truth Society".
A compelling and tense story, which in the first three episodes sees as the protagonist a police inspector who investigates the events and who in the remaining episodes shifts the focus, in an original and unsettling way, to a couple whose new-born son has been sentenced.
"Hellbound" is a well done series and dark at the right point. The cliffhanger at the end of the last episode bodes well for a new season.