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Bingo Hell
Horror and a bit of splatter used as a metaphor are certainly not a big news but Gigi Saul Guerrero, "La Muñeca Del Terror", tries to give, with great commitment, new perspectives for thought, relying on the good Adriana Barraza ( 2007 Oscar nominee) and a disturbing Richard brake, the Night King of “Games of Thrones” for two seasons.
“Bingo Hell” is therefore more than horror, but it is also less than a film of social criticism. And it is the problem.
This film produced by Blumhouse and Amazon is an interesting metaphor about gentrification and the attempt of those who live on the margins to change their lives, but simply tease without sinking the blow.
The Mexican director does everything right, it should be emphasized, demonstrating a certain talent thanks to a careful direction that shows a series of clear ideas, but at the service of a discontinuous story that travels between ups and downs and which at a certain point became boring.
Oak Springs is a poor town that loses its inhabitants every year and every little thing that can attract people. The fault lies with rampant poverty but Lupita (Adriana Barranza) a rough old woman does not give up, resists, and tries to keep alive the place whose nerve centre is Bingo.
Bingo that one day is bought by the creepy Mr. Big (Richard Brake) who offers incredible prizes to the winners. Lupita, however, does not fit. She is not losing even the last symbol of her city and that hides a horrifying reality behind the amazing earnings.