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Cobra Kai 4
The good news is that there will be a fifth series. The bad news is that once again it is evident that young people / children are used by adults to achieve their goals and to chase away their ghosts. Which makes me doubt that it was the same in my time, that is, in the time of Karate Kid and therefore, we too, grew up in a hypocritical world that was hidden in the rhetoric of the good and the bad. However, it is useless to dwell on these things, better to talk about Cobra Kai number 4. The exciting fourth series.
With great surprise this season is particularly incisive. Interesting. Perhaps even the best so far, because the authors managed to find other things to say, in a series that seemed to have already exploited everything.
Of course, the theme is always the same. The fight between Dojo, the one against Kreese's Cobra Kai, the friendship / rivalry between Daniel and Johnny and above all the problems between young people seasoned with love situations and karate.
However, the authors mix the same ingredients in a way that makes the story brilliant and entertains the viewer. For example, I said that Anthony LaRusso, the second son of the couple, is a new "Chuck Cunningham" (that is a character, which comes out quietly) who disappeared, in the second and third season, who comes back here by arrogance, showing himself to be a jerk whose balls up affect the story a lot. And if (unfortunately) we no longer see Elizabeth Sue, we have the great return of Thomas Ian Griffith that is Terry Silver, the villain of the third film, who takes up, let's say, his place. Ah ... well ... avenges even that crap that was the third chapter of the saga.
In order not to miss anything, there is an attempt to join forces between Dany and Johnny, which works and does not work, thus avoiding the obvious alliance of the good against the bad. In all this the kids continue to give them a good reason, but above all they try to make it clear that the problems, the shortcomings, are all things generated by adults, as emerges powerfully in the inevitable (and well-studied) karate tournament of the San Ferdinando Valley. . A tournament, incidentally, which contends with Holly & Benji for the audience record. Who knows what is the reason for all this interest. Mah.

Cobra Kai, as always and like the film it is inspired by, talks about bullying and cyberbullying but also about parent / child relationships, without rhetoric, but with incredible precision and realism. The same precision with which he describes the adults from the penniless Johnny, to the cool Daniel, passing through Kreese and of course Terry who now looks like a Silicon Valley tycoon.
The slight basic self-irony and a certain passion for trash (the metaphor of Rocky and Apollo is memorable) completes a rather well-studied series. Then Daniel LaRusso drinks Barolo, and this seals a great shot.