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I don't know if you remember it but one of the first, if not the first, shitstorm on a TV series was that of "Dexter". Lots of messages rather pissed off for an ending that did not honour a series that raised the level of the same, both from the point of view of history and from the technical one. Dexter ran well for about four seasons, then trailing through the other four to the climax of a pathetic finale to say the least.

I also seem to remember that the production strongly denied a possible return, while Michael C. Hall worked on other fronts becoming also the protagonist of the musical "Lazarus".

Now don't take it badly, but I have to spoil it. So you can stop here. Back in the old days.


After this summary, we find, despite everything, our Dexter in "Dexter: New blood" set about ten years later. It could be said that he has returned to close the accounts with the past that is, with the horrid ending. Which is true, but he has also returned to open up to the "new blood".

Few protagonists of the past, just the beloved sister and the detective Bautista in a cameo and many new faces accompany the usually very good Michael C. Hall in a story that in the first episodes gives the viewer that happiness of having met an old friend and of learn about new dynamics of his life. He now lives in Iron Lake, a small town and works as a salesman in the gun shop. He has an affair with Angela, the local sheriff, and is loved by everyone. Ah… he doesn't kill anymore. His peace of mind, however, is shattered by the arrival of Harrison, his son, whom he left in the care of Hannah in Argentina.

Then, it's not that I was expecting anything different, because that's what Dexter is but all the central episodes pick up on the same dynamics, with the addition of the complicated father and son relationship (and the discovery that Harrison also has the same cravings as his father). And here is the old Dexter who returns to kill starting with the scion of a family that kills a white deer and that in the past caused a serious accident. And here's the old serial killer, on the hunt for a middle-aged super villain (the aforementioned boy's father) who kills young girls and embalms them for his collection. With a nice horror effect, it must be said. The police investigate, Dexter makes some mistakes and someone doubts. And so we find ourselves at the end of the penultimate episode, awaiting the epilogue which will undoubtedly see Dexter busy fixing things.

Instead, "Dexter New Blood" in the tenth episode amazes the viewer. A part somewhat hasty and not very credible situations, such as the protagonist who loses his proverbial lucidity, we finally come to terms with the past and above all with the whole series. The circle comes full circle, we discover who the real “Bay Harbor Butcher” serial is and Harrison himself, at the request of his father, puts an end to everything.

A nice surprise, which certainly avoids the insults of the past to the production and which has opened the debate on a possible spin-off.

Which could also be there, even if Harrison is a bit of a limp character and too much like his father as well as being played by an actor, Jack Alcott, who is rather mono expressive.

In summary: this new series had the advantage of closing with the past and opening up to a possible future. The narrative remains Dexter's strong point with a slight irony and the skill of the aforementioned Michael C. Hall.