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According to this film, Linda landed at Funchal airport, one of the most dangerous in the world, before it became Cristiano Ronaldo Airport. If you wonder who Linda is and why her name gives the title to this work by Jess Franco from 1981, you should know that we are asking too. But let's proceed quietly.
Franco once again takes us back to the world of strip clubs, opening the film with an erotic show at the “Rio Bravo” that ends in whipping and sex with the audience watching, ordering and drinking. A good start can be said. By the genre I mean. “Linda” continues with a purely sexploitation story of nastiness, blackmail and of course sex. Indeed, sex, nastiness and blackmail.
The protagonist is a certain Betsy, played by Ursula Buchfellner, the first German playmate in history, who we find engaged in bed, of course, with Ron, the always dear Antonio Mayans. This makes Sheila (Raquel Evans) very angry and frames Betsy, who works in a hotel, accusing her of stealing $ 2,000 from a customer. Thus the blonde Betsy ends up imprisoned and forced to perform at the "Rio Bravo".
What about Linda? We meet her in a flashback in a convent while she has sex (what did you expect?) with her roommate. After that she, played by Katja Bienert, arrives on the island and if you are thinking that she save Betsy, who is her sister, you are wrong. She takes a stroll on the island, meets Juan, and obviously has sex with him, while Betsy is saved by Ron.
Everything happens and develops around a mass of scenes of complete and non-integral nudes, which, in fact, entangle a story that does not already shine on its own. Franco, needless to say, is in that period in which he is better at using the zoom to highlight the bodies of the always excellent protagonists than at giving us his best cinema visions. It remains to be understood why this film is called Linda.