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I've never crashed a plane. Fortunately for me. If that happen, if I survived and ended up in a dense forest, the first thing I would do is to send an explorer to find civilization. Especially when it turns out that near the impact site there is a cabin, so someone has made it up to there. And there is also a river that ends somewhere.
The authors of Yellowjackets think very differently and they are right, despite everything, because if they had done what I wrote, we would not have had the pleasure of throwing ourselves into the nostalgia of the nineties. And for those who in those years were in the best period of life (from 14 to 24 in short) this dip into the past is particularly tasty.
Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, the two creators, do things right. Indeed perfectly. Because they involve Juliette Lewis and Christina Ricci who in those years were at top thanks to iconic roles. Just missing Wynona Rider, but we know, she chose the dark side: those fucking eighties.
Yellowjackets therefore takes us back in time, with continuous quotes and a soundtrack that listening to it you finds yourself wearing the plaid shirt, the sweatshirt, and even the Nike Air on your feet. Not just objects and music, however, because the series somehow manages to bring the mentality of the time to life and always somehow transmit messages to the new generations (female in this case), without any particular academic ambitions. For us elderly, there is also the aspect of all those expectations, often sadly blurred, that the adult version of the characters in the series shows us with brazen realism. Could it be that we didn't become what we wanted? Yes, fuck, yes!
Well ... Yellowjackets is not just a nostalgic operation, on the contrary, it also has a story that mixes thriller, teen drama, black humour and horror, with, "Alive", "Lord of the flies" and partly "Lost" as very evident sources of inspiration.
A narrative that develops in continuous and very tense temporal leaps between 1996 and today, in a way so convincing that I was looking forward to the first episodes. Then, unfortunately, for the column of defects, I must say that the series slows down excessively, revealing things with the dropper and recovering worthily in the last two episodes.
Maybe that's how it works, because Yellowjacket has already been designed for, at least, two seasons.

The story tells of a women's soccer team, Yellowjackets in fact, who crashes on a plane during the journey to reach the finals of the championship. The girls who survived the impact were lost in a dense bush, in the company of the coach and two brothers, one of whom was the same age and rather appreciated (here, this thing that happens to him is a great stroke of luck, since the coach is not interested in girls), they must try to survive. The challenges are not only against nature, perhaps difficult and supernatural, but also within a group with its secrets and hatred of the intestines.
At the same time, as mentioned, we see the current life of three surviving Yellowjackets, who one day find themselves in the midst of strange events that reopen the wounds of twenty-five years ago.
In addition to the aforementioned superstars Lewis and Ricci (the second of exceptional beauty) we find Jasmin Savoy Brown from The Leftovers, the New Zealander Melanie Lynskey awarded at Sundance for Intervention, Tawny Cypress (The blacklist) and a surprising Sophie Thatcher who plays the character of Juliette Lewis as a young man, remembering the complex and rebellious Mallory.