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Delinquent School Girls

Also known as "Carnal Madness," this film gives to the viewer a senseless load of trash. Or rather, an insane sense. Those ready-to-go films shot in a weekend (in Santa Barbara in this case) without a real script, but maybe, just maybe just a trace of it

"Delinquent School Girl" has great ambitions. It would obviously like to be a sexploitation, a rape revenge or perhaps more a parody of the same. I say maybe. What is certain is that the director Greg Corato sets everything in a school where as a requirement to enrol all the students must have big boobs. Professors, on the other hand, must have a fervent imagination to work as they dream of seeing naked students.

Not happy with this he also places three criminals in the story. Pay attention, not just thugs but three escaped from an asylum. It goes without saying that the three who are a former baseball player, a gay stylist and another who is not very clear take the students hostage, the object of their violent sexual desires. It must be said, to be honest, that some of the girls feel great pleasure.

Only a few, however, certainly not the students of the karate class who beat hard the three.

Today a film like this would lead to the jail the director and producer, both for the underlying misogyny and for the poor technical qualities. Better to underline the presence of Colleen Brennan, the redhead protagonist of many sexploitations.