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Femme Fontaine: Killer Babe for the C.I.A.
The beloved and above all pleasant theme song of Troma is not always a guarantee of seeing farts, breasts and smashed heads. That guarantee is given only by Lloydo's signature. Stop.
So if you start watching this movie and are excited about the presence of Troma, you should know that the New Jersey house is present as a distributor. Stop.
This is to say that you will not see an ounce of Troma style, farts and smashed heads, (the tits are there) but a film that would have delighted Grindhouse. An action movie as ridiculous as it is badly made. A perfect b movie.
Margot Hope produces, writes, directs and stars in this 1994 film in which she is Drew Fontaine, a dangerous killer who investigates a shady trafficking, to avenge the death of her mentor, a Buddhist monk and her father.
Her enemies are a group of neo-Nazis led by a lesbian leader who kills the aforementioned monk. Then there is a gang of rather pissed off Chinese people and a porn film director, who looks like Ron Jeremy and who brings us the boob share as a gift, including siliconed blondes and requests for interviews ... (ie blowjobs).
Great strokes of genius like the scene of torture by electrocution of a Nazi and the fact that she, enlisted for the feds, presents herself to the Nazis as Eva Braun and instead of being suspected she is mistaken for a divine sign.
Margot Hope, who is quite nice, gives us a film that is simply perfect for the genre, working with dignity with a very evident Low Budget!