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Black Snake
Cinema as liberation, as revenge for the horrors of the past, changing history, turn it upside down. A fascinating, beautiful and liberating idea that we have seen in some of Tarantino's latest films and in TV series such as "Hollywood".
Even the good Russ Meyer tried it in unsuspecting times that is in 1973. In the end, was him who had to break free from this film.
The “King of Nudies” finished his contract with 20th Century wanted to return to independent cinema. First of all he gets to work on a horror, called "The Eleven" which is cancelled at the last minute.
For some reason he turns his attention to the history and especially to the period of slavery. A rather delicate issue that Meyer treats a little too lightly, so much so as to diminish the problem and for many to make a film that is more of an excuse to say racist phrases and have black actors semi-naked whipped by the blonde protagonist.
Certainly a heavy judgment for a film that, yes, it is not convincing, but that ends with the victory and liberation of the slaves. Of course, maybe Meyer underestimates the theme but it must be said that he also suffers from a rather troubled production and a total change of style, no big tits in short, which confuses the audience.

The production of “Blacksnake” starts in 1972 at Barbardos and starts badly right away. The protagonist, a slave warden, must have been Anita Ekberg already on the “sunset boulevard”. The actress, however, is hospitalized for an overdose and in her place comes Anouska Hempel of New Zealand origin also seen in some of the Hammer films. A wrong choice, just as wrong is the choice of a cast that Meyer never ties with and from which he can't get what he wants, with the exception of David "Darth Vader" Prowse, who becomes the main name on the screen in a of the reissues of the film.
To this must be added the emotional problems with Edy Williams at the time Meyer's wife.

In any case, the film dragged on for almost a year and when it came out in 1973, it was a huge flop. "The blacks hated it, the whites hated it" said Meyer trying to save the salvable in two versions entitled "Sweet Suzy" and "Duchess of Doom" by inserting a (busty) black girl in the prologue. Attempts that fail.
"Blacksnake" is crushed and still remains a stain in Meyer's career.
The fault lies with a story that winks at blaxploitation but without believing it very much and that puts points of comedy in a theme, as mentioned, too delicate, yes, victory and final liberation fix things but it comes, however too late.

“Blacksnake” is set on the plantation of Lady Susan Walker (Anouska Hempel) a very bad warden who repeatedly beats her slaves. One day Sir Walker, Susan's brother-in-law, goes to the plantation under a false name to investigate his brother's death, discovering the mistreatment and cravings of the lady and her entourage. The slaves meanwhile rebel.