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Rulers of the city
If I say that it is a lighter Fernando Di Leo, I am afraid it will debase the meaning of this film. So perhaps it is better to say that "The rulers of the city" is a film a la Di Leo, in which the great director inserts noir, poliziottesco and comedy with great ability. "Tragedy and farce mix," the director said.
Another thing, however, must be said, that we are far from his masterpieces and not everything works, but in the end "The rulers of the city" is a pleasant, sparkling and yes ... funny film.
Italian-German production with another heterogeneous and curious mix of actors. From Jack Palance and Edmund Purdom, to the Germans Harry Baer and Gisela Hahn and close with our Al Cliver and Vittorio Caprioli.
It is Palance that we see first, in an incipit that is revealed only in the final scene, giving meaning to the story. Palance is "Lo Sfregiato" a very bad boss of the Roman underworld. Purdum, on the other hand, is Luigi a mediocre boss in the gambling business. Baher plays a super-dubbed Tony, Luigi's ambitious henchman with punches that are as quick and easy as his jokes. In this environment there is also room for Rick, Al Cliver and above all for Vincenzo Napoli, played by Vittorio Caprioli, the comic side and fulcrum of the whole film.
Tony and Rick start a real war between “Lo Scarred” and Luigi. The first wins and somehow tries to kill the two who, advised by Naples, keep up with him.
A story that talks about low-level crime, with a lot of action, a few deaths and the aforementioned police echoes that accompany the noir. The best moments come in the most excited parts, while in the most talked scenes about slows down too much. The result is achieved by the philosophical, irreverent and amusing sallies of Napoli, an inspired and well managed Vittorio Caprioli who helps the two protagonists in the fight against "Lo Sfregiato".
Harry Baer owes it all to the dubbing, while Al Cliver's character, although moved by the drama, is annoyingly apathetic.
An unmemorable film but a must see for this curious mix of genres and cast.