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Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfolds

I read negative reviews about this film and I cannot understand it. Apart from the fact that to the B's Fred Olen Ray we have only to love him, what do you wants more from a movie that has a 60-foot woman who spends most of her time in (and without) a bikini?

I don't want to go into detail but I think we understand each other.

Apart from this enormous abundance, the American director parodies the sci-fi of the 50s with clear reference to "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" of 1958, adding, as already mentioned, large doses and gigantic boobs. The perfect combination.

The story is silly in the right place with a lot of idiotic jokes, thus creating the right mix of teasing and b movies. And boobs of course.

The protagonist is Angel (JJ North, a fairly well-known starlet at the time) who with two other girls is the finalist of a contest for the girl of the centerfold of a magazine for men only, whose owner is a loser Hugh Hefner. Teased about her appearance by one of the other two (precise, teased for no reason), Angel runs to Dr. Lindstrom who prescribes pills that can have dangerous side effects.

Angel takes a pill and grows in height and breasts. When she realizes she has missed a day, she takes the miraculous cure in massive doses. And she wakes up 18 meters.

The biggest page in history is the promise that the loser Hugh Hefner makes to the readers, trying to make the most of the phenomenon he has on his hands.

This creates envy in one of the opponents who tries to "balance" the scores, triggering a fight between the titans.

Directing Fred Olen Ray does nothing but use the usual tricks for gigantism effects. He does it well for the genre and also gives us some exquisitely trashy scenes. For example, one of the crew who finds Angel asleep with one breast sticking out takes advantage of it for a great groping. Or a shooting where the photographer comes out of Angel's breasts.

Cast that boasts the cameos of Russ Tamblyn, Michelle Bauer and the presence of John LaZar, the Z-Man of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, by Russ Meyer. Another one who knew about huge boobs.