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Provocazione Fatale
It is not clear what the "fatal" of the title refers to. Let's say that thinking about it, perhaps he wanted to be "fatal" for the cinema, to give it a final blow, but also on this aspect Grassia's film fails miserably.
Before talking about this horrendous erotic chapter, I want to say that not everything is to be thrown away. From the Lancia Beta Montecarlo that can be seen in the first images, to move to the location of Palinuro and close, because we are talking about an erotic film, with the female group.
A crushing trio led by the shining meteor Deborah Calì to pass to Anna Maria Clementi in great shape at the last appearance in a feature film and penultimate ever in front of a camera, closing with the almost unknown Lucia Mortato, who however does not look bad in comparison with the best known colleagues.
Apart from that, there is very little to save here. The story tells of the Italian-American soldier Kevin Desiato who, in full crisis with Libya, ends up in the hotel run by Elena (Anna Maria Clementi) with the help of his daughter Danny (Deborah Calì), whom we meet for the first time by the pool while she has an elderly man named Anselmi spread the cream.
Unlike what the title might suggest, the two DO NOT provoke Kevin, they have sex with him, first the mother and at the end the daughter (who in the meantime gives it to the right and left). Then there is also Suad, a Libyan Italian (Lucia Mortato) who ends up in the midst of "provocation".
Between one fuck and another and long walks to increase the time, there is also the aforementioned Anselmi, who blackmails Kevin because in addition to being an old pig, he is also a loan shark.
A deadly bore for a story that just doesn't work. To make matters worse there is a sound commentary that seems to be made in Midi to which the director Ninì Grassia has collaborated.