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Maniac Nurses find ectasy
Opening dedication to Ilonna Staller, (yes, with two "n") to Jeff Koons and Traci Lords, "Maniac Nurses", with the addition of "find ecstasy" in the international version is one of those dreams that are made, for example, if you mix a strong medicine with alcohol, that is, a distorted vision, hallucinated, at times boring and devoid of any logical sense.
All this makes this Belgian film, shot in Hungary, a perfect thing for Troma, which, in fact, distributes it and above all frames it as a bad job that all lovers of bad films must see. A full-blown "scult", which pays homage to the great characters of sexploitation with a particular predilection for women in prison as see the warden on duty is called Ilsa, but there is also an Uschi and a Greta. Tits, striptease, nurses in garter belts that run throughout the film, smashing heads and torturing people, are the backbone that makes “Manic Nurses” a trashy masterpiece.

A little women in prison, a little cannibal and even splatter this film by Léon Paul De Bruyn, let's say (given the confusion that reigns) that takes us to a kind of clinic / prison where the warden, Ilsa, leads a group of women addicted to blood and sex who kill people to build a doll for Sabrina.
The latter, who is the same age as the others, does not know that she is Ilsa's daughter (also because they are the same age) and lives inside the clinic with the same desires they all have. She would also have a brother, born with Elvis tattoo e dead new-born. Boh.
Everything revolves around Sabrina's satisfaction, up to the slaughter between sex and splatter of a group of friends who ended up in the woods near the clinic and Sabrina's revenge who becomes an avenger for the weak. Unfortunately, her adventures end here. No sequels, what a shame.

What to say? It seems useless to point out that acting and directing are at a very, very low level. While the beauty level of the actresses is high, they all disappeared after making this wonderful b movie.