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L'onorevole con l'amante sotto al letto
There is a way and a way, sings Lino Banfi in the song of the opening credits. And, in fact, there is a way and a way to achieve a sexy Italian comedy when the genre is at sunset."L’onorevole con l’amante sotto il letto" from 1981 does nothing else different to use old plots and ideas already seen, mixing and chewing them without shame. And that's not all because it mentions (not to say a copy) the memorable train scene from “Totò in Parigi”, this time with Banfi and Reder as protagonists. Mariano Laurenti's film is nothing more than this: lovers, misunderstandings, hotel rooms, missed and new encounters and the body of the two female protagonists: Janet Agren and Lory Del Santo, who carry the inevitable share of tits and asses , for the pleasure of the fanatics of the genre.

It must be said, however, that although everything is already seen and everything is predictable, this film lets itself be watched, without shouting at a miracle (of course) but not even without boring the viewer.
Undoubtedly thanks to that old fox of Laurenti, who, based on a script by Francesco Milizia (with Luciano Martino and Alberto Silvestri), is lucky enough to have a seasoned cast of actors in his hands that plays their role.
Janet Agren, who we see in the super classic shower scene, is the pretentious lover on duty, who plays in style with the tantalizing and naive waitress, Lory Del Santo, always available (think badly).
Lino Banfi instead has the green light to give room to all his classical repertoire, as well as being the Honourable of the title, who boasts power with his lover and is married to the usual ugly and old pain in the ass, interpreted by the talented Marisa Merlini, which, as always, does its job wonderfully. Surrounding the Honourable there is "fake gay" right arm, an Alvaro Vitali, who, like Banfi, shows us his "best of" and Leo Gullotta in the role of the ugly secretary, who loves his boss, as well as interpreting the 'Mr Sgarbozzi. And a petulant Gigi Reder, the handsome Teo Teocoli and to seal it all Jimmy Il Fenomeno in the part of a nun (!).
These actors are enough to not wreck a story, which, as I have already said, really has nothing new to say, starting with the spark that makes events explode.
Anna Vinci, obviously Janet Agren is a professor of natural sciences who while giving a lesson on reproductive organs sinsults the mayor's children and is fired.
She leaves for Rome where her boyfriend, the Honorable Battistoni, could find her another work,.except that the Honorable is married to Mrs. Virginia who in turn has a lover, the Honourable Sgarbozzi.
To escape and above all escape from his wife and this situation, Battistoni makes an appointment with Anna in Predazzo, in Val Di Fiemme, a place where, however, his wife Virginia also arrives with her lover. What happens I leave it to your imagination. It's easy on, but all in all, not annoying.