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Fit to kill

I start by saying that Dona Speir ends her career with this film. So therefore end here the career of the playmate of March 1984 and probably one of the inspiring muses of Andy Sidaris. At least I think so. And if not her, surely her boobs.

I mean, underlining it, that she ends her career with a Triple B, that reconcile us with a trashy and absurd series that in the last few episodes was exaggerating with ugliness. But this is not the case here.

Sidaris always gives us a movie that has bombs, bullets and girls (the Triple B of course) and also opens with a scene with two girls s in the water and follows with bullets and explosions, but in its usual trash. He gives us a funny story.

A story of betrayals, counter betrayals and counter-counter betrayals that even involves Nazis, Russians and Chinese. And the usual American super agents.

All these situations can be summarized as follows: an important Chinese man Chang (and how could he be called?) would like to give back to the Russians a precious jewel in his possession since the Second World War. To do this he asks for help and protection to the super agents Donna, Nicole and Bruce as always played by Dona Speir, Roberta Velasquez and Bruce Penhall. Except that Kane, the very bad Kane, already seen in Hard Hunted, of which this is a sort of sequel, wants to steal it with the help of Blue Steel, a ruthless killer played by Julie Strain. Yes, this is the main plot but the other Asian Po should not be forgotten and above all a series of absurd scenes that lengthen the playing time.

Between mini helicopters that spy and explode and two morons henchmen, Sidaris shows us the two super agents who change their clothes and above all the moments of relaxation of the bad guys having sex and also the intimacy of Nicole and Bruce. Without much logical sense. But despite all this, “Fit to Kill” gives what is expected of a Sidaris movie. And that's okay.