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La moglie in vacanza... l'amante in città
There is one thing in this film that I cannot understand. I mean, if you are married to Barbara Bouchet do you really need a lover?
Well of course, this is not the point, let's say that the question is not philosophical but commercial. Especially because if you have Edwige Fenech in the role of the lover, it means that on a commercial side you have a great cast on your hands. Yeah, alone, with the two of them.
The blonde and the brunette duel throughout the film and if you want to know who wins, without a doubt it is the blonde who triumphs with garter belts and provocations that drive everyone crazy, despite the fact that the brunette shows more. Excuse me Edwige. Don't take it badly.

Among them we find the usual Renzo Montagnani, an industrialist married to the petulant Valeria and Giulia's lover. Not really a jerk.
The three are the protagonists of a film by Sergio Martino from 1980 that takes the luxury of having the usual excellent Lino Banfi as a supporting actor (but in the end emerges like the three) and relying on the concreteness of character actors of the caliber of Marisa Merlini of good Renzo Ozzano here in a wider and "international" part, by Tullio Solenghi and Pippo Santonastaso.
One of those films that looks like an "all star game" and that even in terms of history is on the safe side. We know the theme very well, the eternal doubt between wife and lover. The eternal struggle not to be surprised and that of supporting actors who try to get someone to bed.
Cleverly set in a hotel in Courmayeur where everyone converges for the classic holidays on the snow and where we witness the well-known game of the rooms, including that of the number that turns and creates misunderstandings. And there is also a cake in the face and daring adventures on skis.
Nothing new as said but Martino knows how to manages everything perfectly, from the story to a group of actors who are certainly very good.
Andrea Damiani (Montagnani) is an industrialist from Parma whose lover (I don't repeat who she is, I think you understand) would like to become Mrs. Damiani and therefore have him divorced from her wife Valeria.
The latter fell in love with an employee of her husband's company, Giovanni (Solenghi) who passes himself off as a Count complete with a fake gay waiter, namely Lino Banfi. The final battle in Courmayeur.