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Girl Boss Guerilla
As far as I can remember, this is the first time I've seen someone get scared because a girl shows him her tits. I’m pretty sure. It must also be said that it is the first time that I have seen a group of girls who tattoo their tits as a symbol of being a part of a gang.
And if we talk about first times, here we are with one of the first episodes of Pinky Violence.
We are in 1972 and Norifumi Suzuki, one of the pillars of the genre, had already directed “Sukeban burûsu: Mesubachi no gyakushû” a year earlier, the first of the successful series about Sukeban, the famous female gangs.
Also for Toei a year later he directs this "Sukeban gerira", or "Girl Boss Guerilla" which becomes one of the cult of the genre. Deservedly.
After the historical and even a bit boring part, let's move on to the funny things that is the film itself.
The gang of girls with tattooed boobs, called the Red Helmet Gang, travels on motorcycles and loves to clarify some guy who thinks they are like Easy Rider, but they are actually just a loser. The girls arrive in Kyoto, they like the city and by punching another gang of girls they conquer it. They dominate the area by blackmailing in a particular (and rather insane) way the monks of the area, except that there is the Yakuza. But even the Japanese mafia would do better not to piss them off.
"Girl Boss Guerrilla" deserves its cult status of the genre, because it is a fun, non-stop film, with an almost endless series of slaps and punches in which the protagonists always tear their clothes showing that the bra is not s Sukeban stuff .
Leaders of the story are Miko Sugimoto and Reiko Ike, Toei's sexy super couple who made history in the genre.
Eroticism and blows, motorcycles and sex, what else do you want from a film that also has an excellent soundtrack and all that vintage things irresistible for the eyes of the man of the future?