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Bad Girls Dormitory
The first, unjustly arrested for prostitution, the other, framed for drug dealing. The third stop for defending herself from attempted rape.
The premise of a classic WIP, that is, that the inmates are not (all) bad, for a terribly absurd film by Tim Kincaid that has the virtue of conveying the golden 80's. Stupid, vulgar and empty. But he does it well.
Tim Kincaid, who often signs himself Joe Cage, is a director, producer, known for several b movies that have gone down in history such as “Breeders”, “Robot Holocaust” and especially for gay porn movies, a genre in which he made history. An eclectic man I would say.
Here we find him in 1986, with a film that is clearly inspired by the Women In Prison, but changing something.
First of all, the three girls I wrote about at the beginning, played by Natalie Savage (or O'Connell), Teresa Farley and Carey Zuris, do not end up in a real prison but in the New York Female Juvenile Reformatory, a reformatory where the "inmates" should be aged between fourteen and twenty years approximately. Of course, the performers are all older and always of course, they only wear a white tank top and pants, so as to more easily show what's underneath. Their favourite activity in there is showering which the local guards watch without hiding.
But this is nothing. Because in this place led by Miss Maddison (Marita), a somewhat dull warden, everything happens. More than usual. Yes, the guards have sex with the prisoners, they bother them, they even have a party with their boyfriends in prison (?), But inside there, doctors and nurses do morphine without a tomorrow and the prisoners commit suicide, for depression.
All this before the classic rebellion.
A film without a precise meaning, that is, with things and situations put at random. A bad acting (the actresses are beautiful anyway) and a direction that doesn't quite know what to do. But in this chaos, of drugs, fornication, absence of bras and beating, I feel like saying that Kincaid achieves its goal. In the sense that he creates a b movie that he lets himself be followed thanks to the classic curiosity of wanting to understand where he is headed. A nice trashy chapter.