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365 Days: This Day
First scene: they fuck. On a panoramic terrace. Always them, Massimo "always pissed off" Torricelli and Laura "the cold Polish victim" (Michele Morrone and Anna Maria Sieklucka). Second scene, she tells a friend that she lost Massimo's son, due to that accident at the end of the first film. There follow commonplaces about the mafia and above all about the Sicilians. Yeah!
The second chapter of the saga written by Blanka Lipińska, definable as the "50 shades" of the poor, we can say, begins “very well”.
It is clear, right from the start, that the directors Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes, between the first chapter and this one, did not take directing lessons and that they take up the style and modalities already seen in the previous film.
Aside from being a glamorous spot in Sicily, the only good and right thing in the whole film, they bother us all the time with a hideous soundtrack made up of unlistenable songs.
A good thing for songwriters who get royalties, but believe me, listening is really heavy, especially because they place music on the sex and party scenes and they fuck for nine minutes in the first ten of the film.
Sex, the backbone of the whole story, is, as always, made in a not very credible way and filmed in such a way as to leave only the protagonist's breast and some buttocks of the Alpha male in sight.
However this is not the lowest point of this film, because the scene at the golf course enters the history of trash cinema, with Massimo "the always pissed off" and she with her legs open on the hole with him trying to send the ball … Well… guess where! How to forget the friend who fucks with another mob covered by food?  Not bad either.
Two scenes that make me think this trash is wanted. Because it is not possible to write a screenplay like this, in which another Mafia friend also arrives who fucks and then marries another icy Polish friend of Laura. No really, tell me this is all a joke. And I congratulate you.

History, if it can be defined as such, shows us that between one fuck and another, our Laura feels a little closed by Massimo "the always pissed off" who protects her from everything. And here is the turning point. Thriller type. Of the poor. It turns out that Massimo has a twin brother, Adriano, (also always pissed off) and this in league with other mobsters passes himself off as Massimo and lets himself be found while fucking with another. Laura gets angry and runs away with a Sicilian gardener named Nacho (don't worry, he is of Spanish origin). And she often dreams of fucking him!
However this is a clever plan, which I will say no more about. Because you too must see this absurd and weird film, which clothes, Ferrari, Porsche shouting “kill the poors” which sadly await the third chapter.