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Body Count
Super cast with David Hess, Mimsy Farmer, Charles Napier, John Steiner, Ivan Rassimov a twenty-two year old Nancy Brilli, without forgetting Bruce Penhall, famous for the Chips series. And super director, since there is the good Ruggero Deodato.
What can ever go wrong? Good question, the answer is: everything. Starting with the screenplay, (almost) a plagiarism of "Friday the 13th" but six years later and out of time, which in addition to this is nothing more than a "Body Count" (like the international title) of boys and girls killed by the usual maniac.
Deodato is certainly not the latest director and tries to make up for the shortcomings of the screenplay by Alessandro Capone, Luca D'Alisera and Sheila Goldberg, giving us a very decent blood, killed and naked bodies but it is visibly a patch that tries to plug a hole too big. And in the end, I watched the film just to count the number of deaths (again the "Body Count", I already said that, I know).
The fact that it is set in Colorado but shot in Abruzzo obviously adds another trash load to a film, which in fact doesn't work, despite the aforementioned and high-sounding cast.
As the original title suggests we are in a Camping. Of terror. A place where the usual gang of friends converges made up of sex-starved young people, plus other characters in no particular order. On the spot built on an Indian cemetery, there is also a legend of a psychopathic shaman who kills campers. A Scooby Doo’s ending, for a really bad b movies.