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The playmates in deep vision 3-D
Two pieces of transparent cellophane or even better of transparent colour paper, a piece of cardboard to make glasses and magically from your screen a lot of naked or half-naked and naughty girls will come out. What are you waiting for?
All thanks to a revolutionary process, as the slogan says. If that doesn't work, however, you'll see a movie with that annoying bi-color effect, but always a lot of naked or half-naked and naughty girls.
Basically this movie is all there. The classic little film of the seventies, 1973 to be precise, which brings together softcore scenes glued by a thin thread, this time represented by a "study" by Dr. Kinsey on the sexual habits of swingers. so to speak, because at a certain point, this line gets lost a bit.
The director of this film is Stephen Gibson, who in a short career has dedicated himself heart and soul to the softcore genre, making the last film in 2014.
Shot on a 35mm camera with a Deep Vision lens, “The Playmates” stars, undoubtedly, Rene Bond, as a sexy maid dressed as a playmate. There is also the good Con Covert, another well-known face of softcore cinema.
There is not much more to say about this short film, but surely if I could get the 3D glasses to work it would be a whole other story.