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Poliziotto solitudine e rabbia
The combed moustache. The look of someone who is tired of life. The sharp tongue of someone who knows how to say the right thing at the right time. And also do the right thing. Always.
Maurizio Merli, who needs no introduction, puts on his badge for the last time for a German co-production shot by the good Stelvio Massi.
We are now in 1980, the poliziottesco genre is over, but Massi tries hard, starting also from an original tasty title as usual.
But the director's professionalism and commitment, who as always shows a good hand, especially in action scenes, is not enough to save everything. The streets of Venice, where history explodes and a winter Berlin are excellent well-used locations, which if nothing else gives an original touch to everything.
"The Rebel" unfortunately often suffers from characters and situations that are more than stereotyped and characters that are speckled.
Nick Rossi, that is, the inflexible Merli, abounds with clichéd and highly intelligent phrases. Around him the usual fools and the woman of the bad, beautiful, but basically good with a sad story behind her.

Nick Rossi, a no longer in business, policeman helps a friend to protect a wealthy businessman intent on buying a Venetian glass factory. But the man is killed. Thus the astute Nick infiltrates a base gang in Berlin, passing himself off as "Venice" as the driver of the command of the murder.
In the German city, always with tough methods, he carries out his mission.