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The Room
The cult of this film is said to have originated with a person (if I remember correctly, a journalist) who, passing in front of a cinema, read 'no ticket refunds'. Intrigued, she bought a ticket, watched the film and started sending messages to all her friends and acquaintances.
I don't know if this is a true story or not, but certainly this 2003 film deserves its reputation as the 'Citizen Kane' of bad films, as it has been called. And the aforementioned cult.
It is up to you to define, if you ever dare to see it, where 'The Room' ranks among the worst films ever. For me, it deserves a very high place, certainly more than Ed Wood's films or "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies".
An almost total 'scult' that even spawned an inspired film, namely 'The Disaster Artist' by and starring James Franco.
The culprit of it all, who as always has gained great notoriety is a certain Tommy Wiseau, whose real name is Piotr Wieczorkiewicz, a Polish naturalised American who, according to Greg Sestero's book 'The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside the Room', wandered the length and breadth of Europe before seeking glory in the States. And change his name.
'The Room' is undoubtedly his most famous film, for the reasons already described. It is supposed to be a drama or perhaps a comedy-drama. Who knows? It is certainly dramatic, but not for the story.
In any case, it tells of Johnny, played by Wiseau, who although he looks more like a junkie guitarist than anything else has a very respectable job in a bank and supports his girlfriend Lisa by paying for her house and clothes of dubious taste. In addition, he has adopted a teenager who lives nearby.
At a certain point, Lisa wants to break off the relationship because she is in love with someone else and this triggers a series of events, very slow and nonsensical.
In the midst of all this, Lisa's mother, a big pain in the ass, has breast cancer (which we later learn nothing about) and the adopted boy is beaten up by a drug dealer (but we later learn nothing about it).
Several barely believable sex scenes show off Lisa's (Juliette Danielle) boobs, but apart from that, the whole thing takes place in a house that is actually a poorly managed set and the few outdoor scenes show a postcard backdrop. In the sense that it is probably an image. Or a bad special effect anyway.
On the technical side, really, I won't even dwell. These are the things that create a cult, aren't they?