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Arabella Black Angel
The good Stelvio Massi, the one of the poliziotteschi, of a few thrillers, strolls over the smoking ruins of genre cinema. We see.
Here he directs a thriller in which he shows his usual good hand and the equally well-known care, but, in fact, everything revolves around the leading actress rather than a story that seeks to revive the glories of the cinema of the past.
She is Tinì Cansino, a well-known 80's TV star who spends a good part of this film naked, half naked and having sex. Without hypocrisy, she is a good reason to watch this film, which, it should be added, also has moments when the story is interesting and with flashes of 'splatter' that raise the level.
At a certain point, however, they throw everything away. One gets the impression that they have run out of topics and that instead they put in terrible lines and trashy situations, which bring down the good Massi's ambitions. There is even room for an implausible soap opera-style 'twist'.
Not to mention the lack of skill of the cast, protagonist above all, fortunately dubbed.
'Arabella l'angelo nero', tells us about the perversions of a couple. She Arabella (Tinì Cansino) is married to a paraplegic writer following a car accident. Small aside: the accident happened immediately after the wedding, while she was giving him a blowjob in the car.
Arabella is a nymphomaniac who frequents bad circles. One day, her husband catches her with another man. Whom she kills with her husband's complacency. Hence, the erotic game so dear to the genre, with the woman who indulges her husband's perversions drawing inspiration to write. But there is a ruthless killer on the loose.