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I don't know if you remember it, but in 1996 the Venetian ska band Fahrenheit 451 released the song Uccidiamo I chiari di luna, which later became very famous thanks to a beautiful animated video. Well, if you don't remember it go and look it up, not least because they had highlighted the fact that Venice had become a fake, gentrified place, sold for money to tourists arriving on the big cruise ships.

I don't think Alex De La Iglesia heard this song before he wrote the screenplay for this film with his trusty Jorge Guerricaechevarría, but, in fact, the underlying theme is the frenetic tourism that affects the city in the lagoon. Hence the pun in the title.

Produced in collaboration with Amazon Studios and part of a larger project, we find ourselves in the Spanish director's favourite field, that is, in a thriller/horror with absurd and fantastic overtones, which does not forget social criticism (not only of tourists on cruise ships).

Venice, needless to say, lends itself a great deal to a thriller/horror, especially in its carnival period, and De La Iglesia even throws in the 'cursed' island of Poveglia, but in the end he does not fully exploit this potential and above all his skills as a director, not sinking all the way into the story and even leaving some narrative lines open.

No doubt, the amount of blood and horror is as always strong and full of black humour, and the film's pace is intense from start to finish, but it feels like an easier, more commercial product. Superficial.

Not a bad film in the end, but certainly not the best in the Spanish director's vast and wacky filmography, which here recalls in small moments 'Hostel' and also No grazie il caffè mi rende nervoso from 1982 with Troisi and Arena.


As already mentioned, we find ourselves in Venice during carnival, where a group of Spanish tourists decide to have a hen party. Welcomed by the locals' protests against cruise ships, the group meets a strange guy dressed in a carnival mask. And then, invited to a party by another strange man masquerading as a 'black plague doctor', one of them disappears.

As always, the police are in doubt, but between folklore and current events (and horror) there are those who investigate this strange case.


International cast with Ingrid García Jonsson, Silvia Alonso, Alberto Bang, Enrico Lo Verso and Cosimo Fusco.