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Il fascino sottile del peccato
It took me about twenty minutes before I understood the story of this film. Twenty minutes of long dialogue and poor sex scenes, fortunately saved by the presence of a wild Claudia Cavalcanti. At least that.
From the twenty-first minute onwards it was all clear to me: this is a film that harks back to the soap operas of the time (like Dinasty and Dallas) while trying to follow the eroticism of 9½ Weeks. Two things that make you realise what kind of film this is.

Throughout the first part, the pattern consists of what I said in the first lines (don't make me remember the dialogue and sex scenes please!). The second part changes register a little, but don't worry, the trash reigns.
So, before sharing, because it is right to suffer together, the plot of this 1989 film, I have to recall that this is the first erotic work of Ninì Grassia, who came from Neapolitan comedy/drama to cheap erotic cinema, which led him to a long list of films, more or less bad and often directing jaw-dropper Saverio Vallone, an actor for all seasons and above all his absolute fetish.
However, chronicle aside, it is time to get into this film with both feet.

We find ourselves in the home of Arianna (Alexandra Delli Colli), who has inherited some financial empire from her husband Marcello. She has remarried with Aurelio (Vito Fornari) with whom she lives in a villa with a swimming pool, surrounded by her children, Carlotta (Claudia Cavalcanti) and Gustavo (Alfredo Gallo) and also Marcello's sister Sonia (Danila Trebbi) and her boyfriend Enrico (Saverio Vallone).
Sonia has received a ridiculous amount of money as an inheritance and this pisses her off. But that is the least of it, because Carlotta, who plays the goody-goody in front of everyone, is a naughty girl who wants to get into anyone's bed, including that of her stepfather, who welcomes her into his study, where he regularly fucks his secretary.
But that's not the end of it. No darlings. Gustavo is gay. Engaged to a certain Mario. Enrico, on the other hand, sniffs out the bargain of a lifetime, uncovers some secrets and starts blackmailing left and right. Does it end here? No dears! Arianna blackmailed by Enrico and worried that it will be known that Gustavo is gay, tries to cure (?) her sleeping with him. Psychology textbook stuff not even Nazis would do. Anyway, the son does not change his tastes and is blackmailed by his boyfriend who fucks his mother, in his presence!
If Gustavo does not become a serial killer, it is only because there is no more time. The mother commits suicide. Enrico inherits everything and fucks his secretary (even if you can't see it, it's a certainty). Maybe I have forgotten something. But who knows.
I will certainly never forget the poverty that reigns supreme throughout the production and the ineptitude of the cast and direction. A horrendous film, which for many is the high point of Grassia's erotic strand. WTF!