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Una vacanza del cactus
I know what you are thinking, that the cactus of the title is a banal double entendre. And instead, no, a bit like 'W La Foca', it is not an easy double entendre, but the cactus is there, and it is the one that Bombolo, in the role of Augusto, must and wants to take to his uncle's grave in Rhodes.
So we could say that this film, is a cactus film. In every way. After 'Settimana Bianca' and 'Settimana al mare', Mariano Laurenti offers a third holiday chapter, using the same protagonists (Cannavale, Bombolo, Annamaria Rizzoli) and shuffling the cards. Very little to tell the truth.
The plot is therefore always the same. The white man and the Augusto (Cannavale, Bombolo) and the beautiful woman who shows her tits in the classic shower, we are already in 1981, Annamaria Rizzoli.
In short, that's all there is to it for a film that for many is the best of Laurenti's holiday trilogy, but for me is perhaps even the worst given the obvious ideas and gags that do not work.
The story centres on the prize trip to Greece that Commendatore Zerboni (Cannavale) of the Ditta Zerboni & Basta offers his employees. Augusto (Bombolo), Rag. Pistilli (Crocitti), Zerboni's wife Fedora (Graziella Polesinanti) and Angela (Annamaria Rizzoli). Needless to say, the classic problems and misunderstandings occur during the journey, with Zerboni hitting on Angela, Fedora short-sighted to excess who ends up in bed with Augusto, and of course the blonde Angela lusting not only for her boss, but for everyone she meets on her way.
The film is all there, touching its high points with Annamaria Rizzoli's tits and Bombolo's carbonara scene.