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Sweet Angela
Wandering between Tinto Brass and Michele Massimo Tarantini, Andrea Bianchi, who signs himself as Andrew White, directs a film in which he tries to mix drama and comedy, soft-core and eroticism.
It all hinges on Michela Miti, the 'Angela' of the title who lives the parable of the naive country girl who discovers life through a series of unforeseen events. A classic idea, which sees the protagonist spend a good part of the story naked and in soft-core scenes, to the delight of the spectator and that of Andrea Bianchi, who, all in all, does not even direct badly, but is saved by the features of Miti and the supporting actresses (who are also remarkable).
But apart from the 'fleshiness' quota and the presence of an unrecognisable Anita Ekberg, the story develops slowly and above all in a very predictable manner. The joy of sex, prostitution, huge penises, asses on display, are things we have already seen over and over again, and Bianchi merely replicates the scheme in a more 'economical' manner, even inserting gratuitous erotic moments, such as the protagonist's lesbian initiation and sex with a man masquerading as Harlequin (a scene that seems to have been added later to lengthen the broth).

Angela and her sweet skin, travel one day from the countryside of nineteenth-century Lazio to Rome. On the stagecoach that takes her to the city, the girl meets Mrs Rocchi (Ekberg), the owner of a brothel, who hires her and above all treats her with kid gloves. The girl, naive and a virgin, thinks she is going to work as a maid in the Rocchi's house, but finds herself instead working as a prostitute, initiated, however, into the pleasures of the flesh by the other girls in the house.
Just during her first service, the robber Rocco, (hardcore star Roberto Malone) bursts into the room, with whom she instantly falls in love and flees.
After a happy interlude with Rocco, she returns to the brothel where she is welcomed with open arms and where she is a great success. One day she receives a marriage proposal from the richest man in town. The Count. An old man who dies on the wedding night. And Angela inherits everything, money, brothel and even finds Rocco. The love of her life.