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The first five minutes are worth to see everything. Really. A medium is possessed by a spirit which pinches and bares the participants at the session. Shortly after the same people at dinner, are insulted by the young daughter of one of them, who is possessed by the spirit and she goes down heavy with words. Of course, though she changed her voice, no one notices anything.

All this is a prologue that puts us in a soap opera tinged with porn/horror. Sex, blood, hard games, strategies for this 1979's movie directed by Andrea Bianchi, known for "Nude Per L'assassino' with Edwige Fenech and "Io Gilda" with Pamela Prati and for many others porno films.
"Malabimba" is a mixture of genres, set in a villa of a wealthy family.
Lucrezia, the spirit evoked is an ancestor who tries at first to take possession of the body of Sister Sofia a sort of carer/teacher, when the possesion failed she pounces on the young baby, named Bimba .
But No one noticed anything,everybody are to seek the way to revive the fortunes of the family now in ruins. The old mother advised her son Andrea to marry the wife of his brother Adolfo a very rich man but now reduced to a vegetable. The woman, Nais, others don't is a woman of very loose morals.
The main characters are two. The first is Andrea, a man with a strange resemblance to the 70's footbal player Franco Causio who goes to bed with Nais. The second one is Bimba, the Andrea's daughter who wanders the house possed by Lucrezia insulting everyone, showing herself naked and spying the others, and especially going into intimacy with a stuffed animal.
The objective of the spirit of Lucretia is to shed light on the immorality of the family and her goal is to take possession of the body of Sister Sophia. Eventually he succeeds through Bimba who has a lesbian relationship with the woman. Sofia owned and humiliated committed suicide in almost total disinterest.

"Malabimba" is really a B-movie rather boring, that follows the wake of the porn-horror by D'Amato, without the slightest approach to the results of films of the good Massaccesi.
Bianchi, here credited to Andrew White, tries in vain to raise the interest by including soft and hardcore scenes (the second turn to stunt). The top of the trash reaches it with the scene of oral sex between Girls and Uncle Adolf who has awakened from his paralysis to die suddenly.
The cast show Mariangela Giordano, Sofia, that before having a career in standard film and fiction has gone down and heavy with b-movie and she is none other than one of the stars of "Patrick Vive Ancora" of Landi. Nais actress Patrizia Webley has already noticed seventies in films among them "Salon Kitty" in 1976.
Last curiosity is that the producer Gabriele Crisanti is the same as "Patrick Vive Ancora" and "La Bimba di Satana", in short, one sees that long.