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Pierino Against All 
Farts, dirty jokes, crap, jokes that were already old in 1981, make this film one of the ugliest things ever produced. Don’t mind. Because at the same time they make "Pierino Against All" in 1981 one of the best hits of the year. So much so that it generates sequels and apocrypha, so much to "kill" Alvaro Vitali who can no longer shake off the character. Because if you say Alvaro Vitali to a person who doesn't follow cinema very much, he will surely reply "Ah, Pierino".
Vitali, whose curriculum vitae I won't remind you (we all know it, don't we?), at the time was forced to forgo important 'cachets' because he was so busy making films inspired by the famous joke child.
Handling it all behind the camera was Marino Girolami, who also wrote the screenplay, if you can call it that, with Gianfranco Clerici and Vincenzo Mannino. In reality, the three do nothing more than make already well-known jokes, so much so that one could watch the film from any point without losing the thread. The glue of it all is of course Pierino, a child (Vitali was in his thirties) who gets up to all sorts of mischief.
However, there are also positive things, or rather, the right ideas in the right places, because Girolami and his associates cleverly put an infinite number of character actors around Vitali who were already well-known and appreciated by the public and who do their job very well, with the addition of Cristina Moffa, who would later become the unsuccessful answer to Carrà in the 1980s, but the star of a candy commercial.
There is also, and could not be, the beautiful, i.e. the substitute teacher, played by Michela Miti, another actress who entered the imagination for this role. Unlike the sexy comedy films, however, Michela Miti strips very little, just a few seconds from the back and shows just a few sexy cleavages besides the garter belt, which any good-looking substitute teacher has worn. Fair enough, no?

"Pierino Against All" is basically this, a long carousel of familiar faces combined with turpiloquy and jokes. A film that you can watch from start to finish and whose tune enters your ears as much as the protagonist's catchphrases. A full-blown scult. With whistle or without.