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Cobra Kai 5
Ouch. First cracks in a series that in four seasons has always managed to reinvent itself, to pay homage to the franchise from which it is taken and also to laugh at it. But also a series that has dealt with important themes (such as bullying) with a convincing freshness.
The fifth season, however, shows that the ideas are not endless and that perhaps 'Cobra Kai' is starting to take itself seriously, too seriously. One notices a certain repetitiveness of the situations, a slower development of the characters (not all of them, let's be clear) and a certain focus on some staples that I thought had already passed, such as the love affair between Miguel and Samantha or the "destroying everything" to then regain control. Not to mention an all too absurd 'casus belli'.
In the end, 'Cobra Kai 5' is saved. And it does so thanks to good old misfit Johnny Lawrence, who makes us laugh out loud but also knows how to change (or at least try to) lives. This time it is the turn of Mike Barnes, the villain of the third film, to return to the scene to the delight of those who saw the films at the time.
We are still in the famous Valley where everyone wants to do karate. Miyagy Do as we know has closed down. Kreese is in jail. While Terry Silver expands relentlessly, still in the famous valley, opening an endless number of hi-tec branches of the Cobra Kai that is relentlessly attracting kids.
But as always, LaRusso smells that something is wrong. His boy too. And first with the help of Chozen and then with the return of Johnny, out to solve his problems and change his life, old Danny will fight the silver-haired giant.
A cliffhanger closes the season, opening up the sixth series.