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Provincia Violenta
Franco Sereni beats like a blacksmith and shoots relentlessly. A guy who if you steal his parking space at the supermarket will kill you without a second thought. At least I think so.
This is the calling card of a commissioner who doesn't think twice about killing, robbers, kidnappers and even simple thieves, as we are shown in the first few minutes of this very poor poliziottesco directed by Mario Bianchi, starring Calogero 'Lino' Caruana who, if you look at his CV, has played small supporting parts in some genre films.
It is not clear whether Bianchi wanted to make a real poliziottesco or a parody considering the sentence I underlined above. What is certain is that Provincia Violenta is a very poor, sleazy film with ridiculously, fast-paced chase scenes and with the presence of Richard Harrison and Al Cliver that do not raise the quality of the film one iota. Bianchi behind the camera does what he can but the result, even from that point of view, leaves much to be desired.
He must be credited, however, with a certain fluidity in a deliberately messy plot with a few minor sexual itches (and a few boobs).

Our Sereni, who always beats like a blacksmith, is reprimanded by his superiors for his rough manners. They advise him to take a break. He doesn't take it and resigns. Well, in a manner of speaking, because in trying to help a friend (in a useless scene in a hotel room, with no bathroom...boh), he finds himself in the middle of a prostitution and blackmail ring involving the bourgeoisie, the police and a sort of (dis)organised underworld.
Cipriani at the music recycles things we have already heard, framing this 1978 film as one of the worst poliziotteschi in history.