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Batton Story
Wikipedia reports among the curiosities 'In this film Femi Benussi never takes her clothes off'. Well, that's not good news, but if that were the problem here, we'd be fine. But no, that's the lesser problem. 
Mario Landi, whose film career goes in the opposite direction to an appreciable career as a television director, works on a truly disturbing and very poor script that simply does not work.
First of all, it is unclear whether 'Batton Story' is intended to be a comedy about prostitution or a film that in a light-hearted manner wants to talk about the conditions of prostitutes and the corruption of the State.
I would lean more towards a comedy, because to find ambitions of social criticism in this film is really difficult. In any case, there are never any laughs, but we are confronted with a long series of dull and often dragged-by-the-hair scenes within the story, which reach their climax in a ridiculous finale.
Landi has excellent character actors on his hands, which he wastes in a terrifying manner. From Marisa Merlini, who plays an agée prostitute (just think), to Gianni Dei as the protagonist's boyfriend, to close with Toni Ucci as a pimp (of course) and Gianni Cajafa with his expressions. Not to be forgotten is Femi Benussi, the protagonist. Who never takes her clothes off.
And it is precisely the beautiful Femi who is the spark that sets events in motion. She a high school teacher is mistaken for a prostitute while waiting for her mother in an area... of prostitutes.
She arrests and then releases the girl, befriends two 'street workers' played by Marisa Merlini and Daniela Giordano. He tries to give dignity to the prostitutes by creating a union. In contrast, the pimps try to do the same. And in the middle is the state, an important politician (Cajafa) and even an Arab emir.