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Novelle licenziose di vergini vogliose
Tantalizing title, song on the opening credits entitled 'Belzebu' (at least I think so), really funny and direction by Joe D'Amato. And a not bad opening with Giovanni Boccaccio dreaming of a trip to the circle of the 'filthy' in hell.
All set, then, for a hot, brilliant, funny film. At least, that's what one would think, given the promise.
Unfortunately, however, this 1973 work is brought down first of all by an impressive poverty of means and then by writing that is rarely convincing. And little does the ton of nudes, the 'licentious' stories (then not even that much) save the whole thing. Fortunately for us, the good Joe D'Amato will have the chance to exalt us with other works, but here ours leaves something to be desired.
As said, an anthology film held together by Boccaccio's journey into hell. There he sees two men and two women who want to exchange partners but in doing so find themselves with their spouses.
A friar who deceives and takes advantage of a young bride who has an insatiable husband.
A merchant who goes away on business and leaves his nephew, a nerd, at the mercy of his wife who initiates him into sex. A husband who has an affair with one of his workers, his wife finds out and forces him to have continuous sex with her until sex kills him. Finally, a music teacher, mistaken for a homosexual, is hired by a man to teach his wife music. It will not be the only thing he teaches her.
Highest moment, apart from the theme song of course, Mimmo Poli immersed in a barrel of slime, but otherwise a totally negligible decamerotico about which there is nothing more to add.