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Il Lupo di Mare

A 98' minute commercial for cruises, with a sea of women, willing of course, and a sea of (shitty) music. A 98' minute commercial for the duo Gigi and Andrea, actually more for the latter who also appears earlier in the credits. Basically, a commercial from beginning to end. Or if you prefer, a kind of cinepanettone. But let's take it slow.
Gigi and Andrea the Bolognese comedy duo are in the last remnants (there will still be the successful TV series 'Don Tonino' and co-starring in two films) of a successful and well-deserved career that has seen them starring in 1980s comedy and in a number of films, including the unforgettable 'Acapulco, prima spiaggia... a sinistra'.
Probably to launch the solo career of the duo's Augusto, Roncato of course, they take part or have them take part in a film whose subject is by Enrico Montesano and Massimo Franciosa.
Here Andrea has plenty of space to show all his comedy and 'likeability', so much so that he is somewhat reminiscent of his Loris Batacchi of Fantozzi's memory.
As a sidekick, of course he has his business partner, in stark contrast to him from the beginning to (almost) the end, and the aforementioned women who often show their tits and asses and among whom we notice the future hardcore star Milly D'Abbraccio and Cristina Rinaldi who we will later see in 1995's 'Fermo posta Tinto Brass'.
Yes I know, for what I just wrote "Il Lupo di Mare", it doesn't look like a bad film or at least it looks like a good little comedy/erotic film. In fact, the film has great potential (and always shitty music) but fails in no way to fulfil its potential, getting stuck in the contrasts of the two and also in a double and uninteresting love story.
Gigi and Andrea's sampler is repeated as we know it and naturally suffers from certain repetitiveness, bringing us very few laughs.
Maurizio Lucidi as director seems more Schettino than anything else. And excuse the obvious joke, but I got into the mood of the film