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Falla Girare

I don't know if it's to tighten a bond, to feel like the heirs of 'I soliti ignoti', but the passion of the Italian comedy strand, for fucked-up criminals and a bit stupid, escapes me.
However, another example is 'Falla Girare', a dystopian comedy with Giampaolo Morelli directing for the second time a feature film.
The good Morelli, based on a screenplay by Gianluca Ansanelli and Tito Buffulini, directs an original story that wanders between crime and action and martial arts films, in a dystopian context (very, very dystopian as we see), putting in a series of gags that sound very unfair in our days.
He jokes about autism, he jokes about the Chinese and people's clichés and even about influencers (but the latter category does not count) and he does it in a precise, unconstrained and above all very funny way.
Just as funny is the entire first part of the film, which gets off to a rocketing start and, in addition to the aforementioned gags, glides along like a pleasure and has no slow or boring moments.
Probably caught up in the desire to astonish, Morelli does not move an inch in the second half, thus becoming excessively repetitive, wasting what was good before but making up for it, it must be said, in the finale.
And this is a real pity, because in addition to the interesting and original basic idea, all the protagonists also do their job, well, creating characters that work. From Giovanni Esposito, who plays the protagonist's autistic brother, to 'The Jackal' couple Fabio Balsamo and Ciro Priello, passing, of course, through Morelli and the female figure Laura Adriani, not forgetting the presence of Michele Placido.
We find ourselves in the future, not even too far away, where a virus has wiped out all the hemp in the world. Except for a seedling that is discovered by chance in the home of the influencer Natan (Morelli) while Guglielmo Bonetti (Priello) is about to interview him.
From there on, a group is formed, also composed of the drug dealer Oreste (Balsamo), Natan's brother Arturo (Esposito) and the infiltrated policewoman Sara (Adriani).
Heroes trying to fight against evil, see Asian gang, in an attempt to keep the world's plan and hopes alive.