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The Mighty Peking Man


 This film enters quickly in the top ten of my favourite monster movies. All thanks to model cars and model cities, explosions, earthquakes, mutilation and blue screens, all very, very, crafted.
Then there's also a plot that unabashedly copies King Kong, framing this film as another gem from those Shaw Brothers freaks from Hong Kong, with fury and cheekiness.
A rather poorly done earthquake is the antecedent that wakes up a Himalayan beast that the usual group of unscrupulous people want to capture years later in order to exhibit it in public and earn big money.
On his trail they send a group led by Johnnie Fang (Danny Lee) whom they pick up drunk in a bar where he spends his days after catching his girlfriend in bed with his brother. With him is a bit of cannon fodder that is immediately slaughtered as soon as he sets foot in the jungle, amidst quicksand and dangerous animals with great spillage of tomato juice or something red.
Johnnie then meets the beast, but above all Samantha a European girl, the only survivor of a plane crash with her family, who grew up in the jungle with the beast and learned to sew. At least, seeing the skimpy skirt bikini she wears.
A small parenthesis on this garment. History would have it that it was too tight and in action scenes it fell off all the time much to the delight of the crew. Even though these scenes are not part of the film, it is evident that the top has a great desire to fall down and every now and then the actress' breasts pop out. Now, some might say it was an unfortunate coincidence, but we are still in a Shaw Brothers film and so I would say that ours thought it through, both in terms of the garment and giving the role of Samantha to Evelyne Kraft.
She, who died in 2009, was a sexy, blond Swiss actress who did very little in her career and came to the Shaw thanks to her agent who sent him her pictures. With the Asian company she made two films, then did others in Europe and in 1981 retired from the scene, got married and became an entrepreneur in the Real Estate field.

I was saying? Ah yes. Costume that doesn't stay on apart from the two falls in love and later our Johnnie completes the mission by taking the beast to Hong Kong where he is put on display for a fee.
Needless to say, the beast fights back, tears down miniature models of cities and tanks in great style and climbs the highest building in Hong Kong.
I won't reveal the ending because there are two. One for the Indian market and the other for the rest of the world. Apparently in India they would not have liked the second ending.
A very funny film no doubt, with all things in the right place. Including the actress's costume.
Even the good Tarantino liked it so much that he later distributed it in the US.