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What can be called a great debut. Stuart Gordon, a theatre director and author, decided to try the film route in 1985. He did so following a suggestion from a friend who told him about "Herbert West, Reanimator" a story by H.P. Lovecraft written between 1921 and 1922 for a magazine. Not very famous. They talk about vampire films, which for Gordon are too many, while there is a lack of films in the style of Frankenstein. And here is precisely the suggestion.
Born, Wikipedia reports, as a play, it becomes a product for a TV series, before a producer convinces Gordon to change format and leave Chicago for Hollywood.
Lovecraft becomes an inspiration, more than anything else, in a film, which by a brilliant insight introduces subtle elements of comedy, making it a cult hit.
The main flaw of 'Re-Animator' is the number of versions in circulation, but apart from that, the film still retains the right amount of horror, morbidity that goes well with the aforementioned comedy.
Jeffrey Combs plays Herbert West, a skilled but sinister doctor who moves from Switzerland to Massachusetts to pursue his studies on bringing the dead back to life. In the United States he rents a room at the home of Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott), turning his basement into a laboratory. And this is where the trouble starts. West shows his friend his experiments and in turn discusses them with the rector of the university, who is not the least bit interested. And so the two of them experiment on a corpse in the University morgue, causing a ruckus.
Zombies, basically, powerful, with one, a professor able to control the others.
A long trail of blood and dismembered bodies and notorious erotic scene, with Dan's girlfriend to whom a head is about to perform a cunnilinguo.
Nothing is lacking in 'Re-Animator' and Gordon certainly isn't afraid to show the worst using very simple but effective special effects. Including Luminol acting as a reanimating serum.
Well received since the release of 'Re-Animator', it spawned two more films: 1990's Bride of Re-Animator and 2003's Beyond Re-Animator.