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The Black Gestapo

Here we have a grimace on Hitler that surely very few films can boast. Beyond the title: a short snippet of a movie of the Third Reich, pasted to a funky little music good for a ghetto. Incredible!
Yes incredible, like all the trash that follows and which gives life to this "The Black Gestapo", a blaxploitation so absurd and meaningless that result very and funny.
Lee Frost is the director who directs this film of 1975 in which everything seems improvised or nearly so. Plot and drama included. A movie that use sex scene or at least nudity to turn on the interest in a very dumb ploy.

The characters embody to perfection the canons of parody of the 70's movies. The white men are blond, with big mustache and sunglasses and women are subjected to violence or ready to satisfy the men. People of color, however, are damn funky, with immense whiskers. Yes ok, a bit of misogyny and racism, but nothing serious or heavy.
The story is set in a Los Angeles with race riots. Exactly we are in the district of Watts. Not a place at random, but a district known for its rampant poverty, perhaps the poorest of all Los Angeles and for the race riots of 1965 with tens of thousands of dead and wounded.

Our story sees a group of white-mafia who fight against the black community,beaten, robbed and annoying it. In contrast there is an association headed by Ahmed that with so much of that uniform and black fist as a symbol, try to protect the community. Things do not always go well, but slowly the group of Ahmed grow in power and preparedness, beginning with a proper retaliation for whites leaving many casualties on the ground on both sides.

Meanwhile, the second of Ahmed, Kojah, began to seek funds and facilities for training. Occupied a villa with pool and tennis courts and views interesting perspectives Kojah turns everything into an association dedicated to the Mafia racketeering, drug dealing and prostitution.
The group of white vanishes and the new enemy for Ahmed and his own group now criminal criminal. The fight will be tough and will have many scenes worthy of the most obvious action movies, with the hero are now only ready to face many and armed enemies. The fight scenes are really funny, like the pursuits and the blood flowing.

The unintentional humor of the film is wasted, and emerges in almost every scene. But this nice mess of plot and events must be said with all sincerity that the soundtrack is pretty good and well studied. The cast is notable for several actors who have since pursued a career in TV series and films (with a better playing) and the cameo by Ushi Digard.
"The Black Gestapo" then take the luxury of another Nazism spoof in the end with another piece of documentary that travels parallel to the film's ending. Closure for a good b-movie shabby and not to be missed.