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Le Porno Killers

To justify the time and missed passes to see this film, we are committed to seek a sense. It took another hour passes, and then the discussion end finding a very vague sense only choice to shut up and go home.

Well, hear, hear, to the detriment of the title "The Porno Killers " is a feminist movie, in which the men are a stupid object of pleasure.

Now horrified because after so many hours already mentioned, we had hallucinations that led us to see very vague (very, very vague) similarities with the works of Russ Meyer. Feminism, violence and tits. Without art and fun though.

The problem with this film is not the way to or references to Meyer, always remember all very vague, but the realization very, very trash and leaning on a plot virtually nonexistent.

If we analyze already  the title "The Porno Killers"  some interesting things come out. Porno? Well yes, the two protagonists had many sex and with pleasure and they didn't hide their breast and some full naked bodies. But is soft core.
There is for real a "porn" is, because as usual at the time, the astute production has decided to re-edit the film, sticking homemade hardcore scenes from stunts and spin the product with another title. The real name of this version turno on other pointless debates (ahhh!) and pass by the most accredited "Le Porno Salamandre" in cases such as "Le due Salamanders" or simply "Le Salamandre". If you know others put them in the comments. Thank you.

Returning to the original of "Le Porn Killers" of 1980, we should note, for the umpteenth time, that "too bad" created the legend. This film has entered in the imagination of the audience, because it's to find,  for his "total trash" and for the boobs of the protagonists, one of which, however, denies the work. She is Carmen Russo (here as Carmen Bizet), before becoming a sex bomb in the italian's TV  and in some comedy, she starred in two key chapters of Italian cinema, this and the equally legendary "Patrick Vive Ancora"

This thing is not good, because she with the meteor (unfortunately) Cintia Lodetti are "success" of this latter film in career for Roberto Mauri. Director and screenwriter, Mauri has directed many westerns, horror and even a peplum and here he is very far from his best days and he puts togheter a huge numbers of nonsens things.

Carmen Russo andCintia Lodetti are two agents/killers working for a self-styled organization. They live in a villa with a swimming pool, along with their boyfriends, two "servants" that satisfy all. In all for real. 
Calls for a mission, the two discover that their goal remains out of Rome for three days and having a great time while waiting in the city, go to the beach, happily lesbicano, accalappiano men, two of which were beaten before being "reimbursed" and are Time to save women in danger. Girl Power and feminism in a sense and insult to the men, not to mention their ultimate goal, which is used as entertainment and then discarded.

Needless to say there are nudes everywhere and in every situation, many of them (almost all) created only to strip the two actresses. In this "B Movie" full scenes "cult" and certainly there are many. The lesbian scene in the shower, the symbol of the whole movie, or erotic dance at the river with music that comes from a "radio" lost and still do not know where the lesson of feminism on the beach with two maltreated male chauvinists who receive a "prize final. "

A film really hurt, performed worse, boring. Yeah ok, Carmen Russo and Lodetti are quite ok and see "The Porn Killer" but it's so hard to find that mythical and lose an hour passes and that's OK.


Original Title: The Killers Porn
Alternate Titles: Las adorables Porn Killers (Spain)
Directed by Roberto Mauri
Country: Italy
Year: 1980
Starring: Carmen Russo (Bizet's Carmen), Cintia Lodetti, Mario Cutini, Vassili Karis, Bruno Minniti, Rinaldo DeWitt
Production Company: Film Giuse