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Bride of Re-Animator

A curse sometimes befalls directors and producers who throw themselves into a sequel. As in this case.
The more correct title, here, would undoubtedly be 'the curse of the sequel', which would pay homage, on a par with the official one that obviously mentions the Bride of Frankenstein, to the great horror classics.
Apart from that, five years after the brilliant hit 'Re-Animator', i.e. in 1990, Stuart Gordon's gang returned to the big screen. But without Gordon. In his place is Brian Yuzna, producer of the first instalment and director of both this and the third film in the series.
While confirming the two protagonists Jeffrey Combs and Bruce Abbott, it is clear from the outset that an attempt is being made here to grasp at straws, in every way following a link to the predecessor.
The somewhat surreal beginning, with the two protagonists in service during a revolution in a South American country, where they continue their studies, then catapulted to the more peaceful Massachusetts, already shows that the scriptwriters are on the ropes, i.e. running out of meaningful ideas.
In fact, "Bride of Re-Animator" drags its heels chasing the freshness of its notorious predecessor with a botched story, copying the direction and especially the cinematography, which, in fact, are the best aspects of this chapter, as well as the two leads Jeffrey Combs and Bruce Abbott who, while repeating their characters, offer a strong and interesting performance.

The ever-creepy Dr West this time has on his hands the idea that his serum can reanimate separate parts of the body. He thus aspires to create a life-form using multiple parts and convinces his friend and partner to follow him in the experiment thanks to the heart of Cain's beloved that could be part of a new living being.
In the meantime a policeman investigates the events that happened some time before (see the first film) and as always Cain finds a lover, an Italian journalist Fabiana Udenio (who we will also see in Austin Powers) who ends up despite herself in the new zombie slaughter almost identical to the previous one.
Very little original or to be saved just the special effects.