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Un grande amore

More than 'A great love', a great mess. In various senses. In theory, the big mess, according to the script written by director/writer/producer Ninì Grassia, our dear Ninì Grassia, is that of a Grand Hotel concierge who messes up his guests' rooms. But that, believe me, is the least important mess. Secondly, there would be the one, in the vulgar sense of the word, in which everyone fucks everyone else in an immense orgy that lasts the better part of nineteen minutes or so.
What I am referring to, however, is the mess of a film that already has a title that has nothing to do with the story and above all has an embarrassing poverty of means and ideas.
Grassia should have made it into a porn film to justify the whole thing, instead for some reason unknown to me he tries to throw himself into the vein of the old-fashioned erotic comedy (this is 1995 by the way) complete with the gag of the number '6' on the door of the room that turns to create the '9' and above all 'hilarious' misunderstandings.
Malù (who starred in two other films with Grassia), Antonio Zequila, Alex Damiani and Cristina Barsacchi, his faithful followers, are the protagonists of a story that right from the start shows that it doesn't have a penny and locks itself up in hotel rooms in order to save what it can. Except for the airport transfer of the hotel guests and a stroll through the streets of the town or city where it was actually filmed.
According to the credits, we are supposed to be in Rimini or Riccione, even though it is meant to be a renowned spa resort whose waters have great healing powers. Also for better fucking.

Three couples arrive at the aforementioned crazy hotel, two of which, due to a mix-up, have to share a bathroom. The third couple is the winner of a competition, husband and wife, who again due to various mix-ups have to sleep in separate rooms and she has to share with a very open Swedish couple.
Of course all three couples have sexual 'quirks'. In the first she is a nymphomaniac and squeezes her husband, in the second he drinks water with magical powers but is disinterested or rather only interested in porn. And the third couple sees her very fearful and him very eager, although in the end it is the wife who is a sex machine.
However the situation explodes and eventually everyone ends up in everyone's bed. With great joy and guided by the teachings of the Swedish tourist.