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No thanks, coffee makes me nervous

Naples has to change? According to the serial killer Funiculì Funiculà, no. Tradition, stereotypes must never die. Strong in his belief he starts threatening and killing anyone who dares to attend the 'New Naples' festival. At least, that's his plan, even if at the end of the day the only two victims are James Senese and Massimo Troisi playing themselves.

"No thanks, coffee makes me nervous" is a 1982 comic thriller starring a great Lello Arena, backed by his friend Troisi and James Senese, directed by Lodovico Gasparini, who made his debut with a bang in a career later devoted to directing fiction.
A great debut, because this is a small cult film that retains even today its amused freshness with great comic moments. A small aside: in my personal taste, the best scene is that of Troisi in the hotel threatened by the serial killer.
I was saying that this is a real cult film that runs fast even forty years later, suffering only from some naivety that threatens to destroy everything, but fortunately for us it is limited only to threats.
For instance, the whole kidnapping part, although it has a tasty ending, seems pulled in by force. It must also be said that if you pay well, well, attention it is easy to see who is hiding behind the serial killer mask of Funiculì Funiculà, who like all his 'colleagues' kills with gloves on. But of Napoli football.

Flaws aside, it is a real pleasure to watch the vicissitudes of Lello Arena, who plays Michele Giuffrida a listless journalist from 'Il Mattino'. He is the first to receive the postcard (with Vesuvius) from this mysterious psychopath who begins to threaten anyone who attends the first 'New Naples' festival.
Giuffrida, with his colleague Lisa Sole (Maddalena Crippa), with whom he has a half-love affair, begins to investigate these events and the murders of Senese and Troisi, with Commissioner Barra (Carlo Monni).
A finale that reserves the most classic of twists in any thriller worthy of note. Here, however, Napoli jersey, dummy and other stereotypes are included.