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Beyond Re-Animator

It has to be said that 'Beyond Re-Animator' consoles us against its more direct predecessor the horrendous 'Bride of Re-Animator'. But it also has to be said that this 2003 film (also directed by Brian Yuzna), has no new ideas, but remains an homage to the first and unattainable film in the series. Perhaps the only thing new is a Spanish production and sets in Catalonia and the Valencian Community.
Of course, Jeffrey Combs who always is the sinister and ruthless Dr. West plays this role with his usual, villainous precision. And certainly, there is no shortage of blood as well as a hint of morbid eroticism. And, again, there is good direction and interesting cinematography.
In the end, however, everything turns as it always does. West and his experiments, the thing that gets out of hand, dead bodies, lots of blood spilling.

The last victim of West's zombies is the sister of two young boys, (the classic first victim of cute blonde horror films), who helplessly watch her die. Thirteen years later, one of these kids has become a doctor, Dr Howard Phillips, who takes over the prison where West has been held for years.
The sinister doctor continued his experiments as well as he could behind bars and the arrival of this new doctor, interested in his studies, reopens the possibility of experiments on humans.
There is no shortage of romance and no shortage of slaughter, this time in prison.
In the end, 'Beyond Re-Animator' is a film that has a nice package, but nothing inside to 'reanimate' you.