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Tic Toc

Sometimes I wonder where they get the money and especially why they have to waste it. 'Tic Toc' is one of those cases that prompt me to ask these unanswered questions. But let's take it slow.
The title should hint at a certain reference to TikTok and therefore, by necessity, one should already think that this is a work focused on social networking and its users. And being a comedy film, it should make fun of the aforementioned.
And, in fact, the film by Davide Scovazzo, a Ligurian director/screenwriter, aims at this. Or at least, it would like to. Yes. It would like to be a fierce satire on ticktockers, influencers and followers, but in reality there is not a joke, situation or anything else that makes the slightest laugh or, even more simply, creates a flowing story. And of course the acting of the performers is woeful. As bad as the direction.

The story tells us of four nice (as  tradition) Roman thugs who decide to kidnap Eva Henger during a guest appearance at a club in Terni. However, Eva Henger, due to Covid, does not show up and the cunning manager (played by Maurizio Mattioli) sends three influencers who are very popular but have no money.
The nice crooks demand a ransom, but of course there is not a euro available for these guys. From this begin... well... what begin? According to the targets the classic comic situations, but as said, there is nothing funny about it.

I really struggled to finish watching a film that features an endless array of recent and not-so-recent familiar faces. I mention only a few: DJ Ringo, Massimo Boldi, Franco Oppini, Umberto Smaila, Sergio Vastano, Fausto Leali, Emanuela Tittocchia, Paola Caruso and Himorta. Not forgetting Jennifer one of Eva Henger's daughters.

This incredible film was shot in Terni in the facilities where 'La Vita è bella' and 'Pinocchio' were filmed. Films that have entered the history of cinema and this film is also a candidate for an important place: worst Italian film of all time