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I don't know if it's true, but according to what they say here, uric acid in coffee with sugar creates hydrogen cyanide and thus a poison capable of killing. I was saying, I don't know if it's true, but it is in fact the clearest thing about this 1987 film directed by Lenzi. Giovanna Lenzi.

We are somewhere in the United States that looks so much like the suburbs of an Italian city (and there is no doubt that it is) and after an erotic feast, corpses begin to flow with the formula I mentioned at the beginning, used by a murderer with gloves on.

Inspector Sanders (Tony Valente), the typical all-out cop with the usual family problems but with a great desire to solve the situation, takes charge of the investigation.

And so the American Sanders investigates among prostitutes, drug dealers and even a dwarf named Jimmy.

This happens in 'Delitti', a film inspired by the tradition of the Italian-style giallo, of which, however, does not seem to have been understood much. Everything is badly done, from an incomprehensible story to a direction as embarrassing as the acting. There is a cast of familiar faces who have already given their best, and for some unknown reason there is even a completely unnecessary comic moment: a guy in overcoat harasses a woman who is hiding in a telephone booth. He reaches her. He stands in front of her and starts dancing.

Not bad either is the use of Michela Miti, whose vision mitigates the aberrations of this work. Always beautiful, Michela produces herself in a ridiculous striptease, then has sex, models and finally is murdered in a manner bordering on the surreal.

Certainly one of the worst giallo of all time, a film that is difficult to explain in words, and therefore deserves a viewing just to understand the disaster.